“Matelassé” compact

This compact expresses the will to exalt the shapes and the techniques: it is square, in yellow gold, “modellato” engraved along the borders and “rigato” and “ornato” engraved on the surface of the cover, which is coated with night blue enamel enhancing the 276 diamonds (2,5 carats) set into the openwork white gold decoration creating the inner border.


The enamel technique is revived from ancient history (some Roman enamelled jewels date back to the second century after Christ) and is applied to an accessory, which often stimulated the Buccellati creativity. In fact, Buccellati finds in this object of daily use various possibilities of indulging oneself with elaborate designs, refined inlays and combinations of metals and gems of different colours.



Designed by:

Gianmaria Buccellati


Handcrafted in 1968