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— ‘Tribute to Italy’ Cocktail Event in Milan —

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‘Tribute to Italy’ Cocktail Event in Milan

During the milanese fashion week, Buccellati unveiled a beautiful new advertising campaign with a cocktail event held in the courtyard of its boutique in Via Montenapoleone 23, and hosted by the Buccellati family.

“Peter Lindbergh’s exquisite images, featuring supermodel Carolyn Murphy and actress Zhang Ziyi, were showcased with a Milanese ambience...”

and beautifully mounted on an elegant blue carpet; behind the scenes campaign footage played perfectly in sync with the harmonious setting, and vitrines displayed a selection of striking Buccellati one-of-a-kind creations captured by the renowned and respected photographer in the magnificent city of Florence. Other collections displayed included Hawaii, Macri, Opera, Rombi and Étoilée. Adding an interactive element to the event experience, kaleidoscopic imagery was projected throughout the night, allowing guests to capture photographs of themselves contoured by the magnificent detailing of Buccellati jewels.


Emilie Fouilloux

Selby Drummond

Ruthie Friedlander and Sam Broekema

Alan Prada, Enrica Ponzellini and Giovanni Bianco

Francesca Cavallin in Buccellati

Francesca Cavallin and Andrea Buccellati

Maria Cristina Buccellati and Drew Elliott

Emilie Fouilloux in Buccellati

Maria Cristina Buccellati and Andrea Buccellati

Viola Arrivabene and Vera Arrivabene in Buccellati

Roberta Riu in Buccellati

Rickie De Sole and Stefano Tonchi