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— Buccellati Cut Diamond —


To celebrate the centenary of the House, founded in 1919, we are thrilled to announce the new Buccellati-cut diamond. The Buccellati-cut diamond took birth after a long study and research in collaboration with Taché Diamonds, an industry leader founded in 1957, which has developed a reputation for meticulous quality control and reliability of supply. The first sample of the Buccellati cut diamond took almost one year to be finalized, basing on an extensive study of light optimization to achieve the maximum brilliance and fire. As a result, the Buccellati-cut diamond and its facets unleash a particular light and beauty at the highest standards.



The shape of the Buccellati cut diamond consists of 57 facets, in which every facet is mirrored and every angle must respect a very strict % ratio to optimize the light. The GIA (Gemological Institution of America) has complimented its beauty comparing it to a flower, and has certificated it according to the globally accepted standards to describe diamonds.
The 4Cs of a Buccellati-cut diamond will be ranging as follows:
Carat weight: from 0,50 up to 2,39 carats
Colour grade: from D to G
Clarity grade: from VS2 to VVS1

The Buccellati-cut diamond is well proportioned and romantic, elegant and sparkling. The perfect diamond for some stunning new creations: the Aura, Chandra, Evanthe, Elsa and Arcade Eternelle rings, the impressive Cnosso pendant with matching earrings, the Sterlizia cuff bracelet, the Mabelle ring, the 3-piece set named “Ventaglio” and the “Vega” pendant earrings.