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— Palazzo Pisani Moretta —

Palazzo Pisani Moretta


Palazzo Pisani Moretta is an elegant 15th century building in gothic style, looking onto the Grand Canal, between the Rialto Bridge and Cà Foscari, with the imposingness of its façade. In the past, it was frequented by strongly appealing personalities such as Paul, Emperor of Russia, Pauline Bonaparte, Joseph II, the Holy Roman Emperor and now it welcomes Elisa with the elegance of its halls, its colored marbles, mysterious mirrors and light but impressive glass chandeliers. Elisa is in evening dress, with bracelets, rings and earrings of the brand new Giglio collection, also in black gold, treated with the innovative technologic DLC coating.

Behind The Scenes

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Peter Lindbergh

Thanks to Peter Lindbergh - master of black & white photography - and to Elisa Sednaoui. Once again, you confirmed that when there are excellences in the game, the wonder occurs. You realized images of great impact, perfect communication of style and elegance, pictures of the “Timeless Beauty” Buccellati is both witness and author.

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