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“Abracadabra” necklace


The “Abracadabra” necklace is so called because the stones it is composed of are 11 cat’s eye fibrolites (44,33 carats) producing a particular optical phenomena due to the presence of needle-shaped crystalline intrusions inside the gem. These intrusions originate the phenomenon of the cat’s eye therefore, by looking at the stone, above all if cabochon cut, it seems like we are looking at a feline’s eye.


It is a magic and disorienting sensation, recalling us how much life can we find in a stone. Moreover, the cat’s eye stone supplies very high vibrations, thus stimulating intuitions and improving awareness. It protects those who wear it and gives a profound philosophical thinking and the ability to be wise.


The 14 yellow gold elements, radially “rigato” engraved, are slightly heart-shaped and contain magic stones. The elements are linked to one another through white gold rosettes and shiny yellow gold beads.



Designed by:

Gianmaria Buccellati


Handcrafted in 1997