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“Bouquet” set


Auctioned exclusively at Sotheby’s Paris on October 29th


If the enchainment is the innovative secret of every flexible bracelet, it has the utmost importance in necklaces like this one, as well. The enchainment unifies all the elements and makes them fluid and easily wearable, just as if they were caught in a garland.


Their combinations emphasize the shapes and colours of leaves, blossoms and just opened up flowers.


The “Bouquet” necklace is composed of pink gold leaves, “segrinato” engraved, with central shiny silver venations. The flowers are in yellow gold, set with 289 faceted emeralds on the petals (16,90 carats), and centering some drop-shaped pearls. The trunk of the structure is modelled and the silver leaves are enhanced with rose-cut diamonds, and then burnished. The cups of the blossoms are in silver, with rose-cut diamonds and drop-shaped grey pearls. Totally, there are 8 drop-shaped pearls weighing 150,50 carats, combined with 44 rose-cut diamonds of 4,25 carats. The magic framework allowing this scented whole is in engraved white gold.


The matching earrings are composed of yellow gold petals and 160 round faceted emeralds weighing 5,28 carats, centering an openwork radially “rigato” engraved cup containing a baroque pearl (35,46 carats for both pearls).



Designed by:

Gianmaria Buccellati


Handcrafted in 1997/2009