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“Madonna delle Arpie” frame

The framed Madonna is a detail of the Madonna of the Harpies by Andrea Del Sarto, a major painter of the High Renaissance. The artist dated it in 1517 and it is now in the Uffizi in Florence.


Despite the engraving, all the colours actually present in the painting reveal in the grey and black shades: it is not difficult to imagine the bright colours of the Madonna’s clothes on the deep blue drapes, and the rosy complexion of the Son. Without the angels that stand out in the painting, Mother and Son support each other through a serene and melancholic glance.


The frame is hand-chiselled and embossed with elements centering the amethysts, of a religious purple. The inner part of the frame is in modelled gold.



Designed by:

Mario Buccellati


Handcrafted in the ‘50s