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“Optical” Earrings


Auctioned exclusively at Sotheby’s Paris on October 29th


The ‘70’s were running wild when this pair of earrings came to light, originally with a matching ring, following a need of renovation and the will to create objects for an increasingly emancipated woman. After all, the fashion trends of the ‘70s proposed showy outfits, flowers, ethnic prints and optical mania, that was based on the combination of black and white colours in geometric motifs and patterns, often declined in the rainbow version. However, above all, the colour triumphed on all its nuances, included the brightest ones.


A central white opal, surrounded by rubies, emeralds and sapphires set in yellow gold, lights them up. Totally there are two white opals weighing 8,02 carats, 48 rubies of 2 carats, 48 faceted emeralds of 1,57 carats and as many faceted sapphires weighing 2,17 carats. The result is undoubtedly fun and represents the symbol of a free and transgressive fashion trend.



Designed by:

Gianmaria Buccellati


Handcrafted in 1977