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“Peck” brooch

The history of this brooch is really worthy of the most beautiful Hollywood stories. In fact, the actor Gregory Peck ordered it for his wife Veronique Passani, a journalist first and then a humanitarian, with whom Gregory Peck shared many civil and cultural battles. Mr. Peck made a loving gift of this brooch, accompanied by a matching necklace.


The oval brooch in yellow gold, “segrinato” engraved and with “modellato” engraved red gold rims, has openwork silver borders and is overall set with 7 cabochon sapphires weighing 13,28 carats, 6 cabochon emeralds weighing 14,80 carats and 48 rose-cut diamonds weighing 4,29 carats.


As all the most passionate stories, its beauty has reached us and it still thrills us for its simple design, the pure layout of the gems, the elegance of the light border, the hyperbolic grace of genius combinations.



Designed by:

Mario Buccellati


Handcrafted in 1961