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“Pois” brooch


Mario Buccellati designed this oval brooch in the ‘40s, a period that pushed people to exit the sad war darkness to gather again in theatres, public places and restaurants. It is in silver, lined with yellow gold, with the typical motif composed of leaves, called by goldsmiths ramage pattern. The surface is dotted with 11 old-cut diamonds of 1,6 carats and 16 rose-cut diamonds of 1,0 carats.


The ramage motif is, for Buccellati, an inexhaustible source of inspiration as it expresses the importance of Nature, so simple and humble, yet so fascinating.


The brooch has light, aerial lines, suspending the diamonds onto seducing empty spaces and making them sparkle.


The original box is octagonal, in leather, and it has been the fundamental inspiration to develop the packaging project for all the vintage objects which are here today and do not have their original box.



Designed by:

Mario Buccellati


Handcrafted in the ‘40s