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“Principessa” necklace


This necklace takes its name from the expression used to indicate a necklace of pearls with an approximate length from 43 cm and 45 cm. A classic medium length necklace softly caresses the cleavage and is suitable for many occasions, particularly when it is worn on very wide neckline.


The clasp for the six strings of pearls is composed of 460 Biwa pearls weighing 581,41 carats: it is a yellow gold feather-like butterfly with modelled decorations in white gold and 86 diamond of 0,79 carats set on an openwork surface. The body is formed of an engraved yellow gold cup set with a pearl. The head is in yellow gold, while the eyes are in yellow gold set with diamonds. Muzzle and collar in white gold.



Designed by:

Andrea Buccellati


Handcrafted in 1993