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“Rosa dei Venti” brooch/pendant

The “Rosa dei Venti” brooch represents the balance between the self and the outside. At the same time, it symbolizes the freedom to follow one’s dreams and wishes. The 8-tip geometry is one of the simplest of the windroses.


The central stone is a sinhalite of 5,50 carats; the stone takes its name from Sinhala, the Sanskrit name for Sri Lanka, where it was first found in 1952.


From the centre, there are three rounds of 8 tips: the first one set with 44 diamonds weighing 0,35 carats, the second round with 96 rubies of 1,19 carats, and the outermost round with 72 sapphires weighing 1,28 carats. The eight outer tips have rouches-modeled yellow gold borders. A diamond weighing 0,14 carats links the pendant to the white gold “Chiodino” chain.



Designed by:

Andrea Buccellati


Handcrafted in 1999